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Welcome to pages of Psychiatry in Slavonia and Baranja!

Slavonijo, zemljo plemenita,
Vele ti si lipo uzorita
Nakićena zelenim gorama
Obaljana četirim vodama....
"Satir", Matija Antun Reljković
(Davor, 1732 - 1798)

Poems of Slavonia
Stories about Slavonia
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Slavonian cook


Prof. Dr. sc. Pavo Filaković, prim. M. D.
Head of Psychiatric clinic Clinical hospital Osijek, chairman of Department of psychiatry, and Dean of Faculty of Medicine, "Josip Juraj Strossmayer University" of Osijek

The world we live in changes more rapidly than we are willing to change and because of that our entering the “net of all nets” may be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, one group of regionally connected psychiatrists introduce themselves on Internet pages for the first time in Croatia. On the other hand, considering the advantages of Internet, we are late.
First we came up with the idea of organizing annual meetings of psychiatrists of Slavonia and Baranja, and it was accepted with enthusiasm. We had our first meeting on May 11, 2004, in Osijek. Besides meeting other colleagues, our objectives were to determine working, research and education possibilities of each center and to create a register of psychiatrists in Slavonia and Baranja. At that time we pondered the idea of creating a web site. On our second meeting, on May 27, 2005 in Brodski Stupnik, the pages were presented and accepted with enthusiasm.
The creators of the site wanted to make it identifiable and therefore the pages have been decorated with some of our local peculiarities (Slavonian poems and songs, Slavonian recipes, and the like).
Our primary goal is to unite the scattered potentials in psychiatry of Slavonia and Baranja into one virtual area of desire, knowledge and skills that will be used for well-being of those who need our help.
The columns offered will reflect our public-health, therapeutic, scientific-research, educational and publicistic work. The pages will be maintained by all psychiatrists from Slavonia and Baranja, each according to his/her sphere of professional and scientific-research interest.
Your questions, protected by discretion, will be answered by competent professionals at an adequate page.
We are open to neighbors and welcome everyone who wishes to join us in realization of this idea. Regional and national borders are not obstacles for our cooperation. We already cooperate with centers in Croatia outside Slavonia, but also with centers outside Croatia. We are looking forward to cooperation with our colleagues from Hungary.
The text will be presented in Croatian, English, Italian, and Hungarian language. On our pages you will find all news significant for psychiatry in Slavonia and Baranja, and in photo gallery there will be photo documentation of our activities. You also have an access through our links to all addresses related to our scope of activity.

We accept your advices and your help, because we've created this virtual child and we would like this child to survive.

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